All classes in person at Instituto Niten are suspended due to Covid-19.
In order to spread the flame of the Sword, we created the page "KENJUTSU AT HOME FOR ALL".
On this page, everyone can find material to train at home and passages from Sensei Jorge Kishikawa`s Golden Moments.
Let`s keep the Body, Mind and Spirit energy moving!
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Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    16 TBIK 11

    Meloni x Weber - Shiai of Graduates in the 16th TBIK
    Nito Tsuki (Two-Sword Competitor Attacks Opponent´s Neck)

    Sensei´s Review:
    What we can see in this fight is the result obtained with the practice of our warming-up with two swords, Kihon Nito.
    At Niten, even the warm-up strengthens you in the combat. Do not underestimate ...